WWOOF farms and hosts will receive you for some time and let you participate in their life. You will get to know their occupations and customs, and after that it is unlikely that your life will stay the same as before.  (See as well the european initiative "Living and Learning on Organic Farms - LLOOF".)

For a WWOOF stay you must be able to communicate in a language that is understood at your target place. In the list you find addresses in all the langage regions, and also at least one address where the following languages are understood:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Japanese.

As a registered member of WWOOF Switzerland your activities at registered WWOOF farms and hosts are insured against accident and liability. (This is not a health insurance and also not a travel insurance. The insurance conditions are the same as with WWOOF Ireland, WWOOF Norway, and WWOOF Canada.)

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